Reflection is the root of wisdom, as it is the most profound way in which we reconsider our thoughts and beliefs based on our accumulated experiences, from where we begin to develop a deeper understanding of life. In this sense, it is important to take time to reflect upon that which we have seen and felt – did. By pondering our actions in response to outer stimuli that come in the form of patterns, norms, and trends, we at once embark on a journey, somewhat like optimism yet escapism at the same time.

My reflections consist of questions I ask myself, I ask others, or others ask me and the answers I create based on gathered knowledge. This knowledge may come from articles or this knowledge may come from past experiences. Either way, this section is all about self-reflection and the essential life lessons I learn from practicing looking inward in relation to what occurs outward. I hope you find an intellectual interest in these posts as they are focused on asking deep questions that warrant deep responses.