About Me

My name is Ariel. I am a 22-year old So Cal native, working professional, and Alumna of the University of California, Berkeley. I went into college as a Chemical Biology major and came out with a degree in Sociology along with a passion for gaining knowledge that would improve the quality of my life and further allow me to interact and touch people in a positive way.

During my freshman year of college, I went through of lot of mental transitions from realizing the power of growing from my past experiences to understanding what it meant to fuel and love my body. For me, this took the form of exercising regularly and eating foods that would nourish my body. However, I initially started off extreme. I cut out red meat, pork, and any type of packaged food completely while I woke up at 6 a.m. every morning to make it to yoga or go to the gym for an hour. Although I saw great results, I could feel myself going back to my old eating habits because I had not taken the time to really research and implement a method of living healthy that was IN TUNE with my body and my mind. For the next few years, I would struggle to find the diet and fitness routine that was right for me while allowing myself to sulk in sorrow over the lack of confidence I had in my body image and my overall health.

Fast forward to now where I am working full time at a software development company and finally honing in on fitness, healthy eating, and a holistic lifestyle that works for ME. That is what I want for you, as my reader! To use this blog to help you discover a way of life that will not only benefit you inside and out, but will come from YOU taking the time to think about the relationship between your mind/body and your actions/habits.

I am here to merely provide a framework through which you can develop your own frame of thought and thus, be successful in achieving your goals from which you benefit in the LONG run and not just a week from now. Because let me tell you, you can be happy with quick results, but you’ll be ecstatic when you feel the power of inner balance, self-confidence, and genuine happiness. I recommend that you use my posts on exercise, food, skin care, and more to find what works for YOU! and only you.