Freewoman’s Top 5 Playlist #1

What I love about writing is that you can write about anything.

the freewoman diaries is not simply about strength, love, and confidence.
It is a platform for me to share all the different ways in which these concepts are expressed in my life and how I come to a deeper understanding of what it means to be strong, to love someone, or to feel confident.

With the extra time that I have now, after following a trajectory that was not really my own, I get to reflect on what my true passions are. What I like to do for fun. What gets me excited!

Music is definitely one of those things.
Since I’ve always wanted to create a playlist that I could share with other people, I thought, why not share it on my blog?
I am definitely more of an R&B/Rap/Soul girl, but I enjoy taking in alternative genres and a slice of pop.

In this playlist, I’m including songs/music videos that I feel embody a freewoman. That is, she lives her life by her own standards. Free to create. Free to express herself however she sees fit.

FYI, I’m mixing the old with the new.


1. Dua Lipa – New Rules

This song is A-mazing! The video and Lipa’s lyrics are empowering to other women; it conveys a message of women joining forces to get through tough times together. You see, this is part of being a freewoman. Being able to uplift other women instead of tear them down. Building each other back up through support and accountability. Reminding her that her worth is not determined by anyone else except for herself.
I’ve seen this video too many times already and I still love it.

2. Sade – Soldier of Love

To be as graceful and spiritually candid as Sade.
She truly sets the tone for sticking to love when all else fails. Love is the answer to anger.
When I listen to this song, I imagine a woman who went through heartbreak, pain, or suffering. Just when she thought that the world was all bad or that she would never see “the light”, she remembered how strong she was and that love was the solution to her problems.

3. Alicia Keys – A Woman’s Worth

“She will if she can find a man who knows her worth”
This song right here is a classic for all my ladies who wanna add an “mmph” to their day. “A Woman’s Worth” is one of those songs I obsess over. And I love watching videos from back in the day when Alicia Keys was still rocking her cornrows.

4. JoJo – Leave (Get Out)

I think I was just about to go into middle school when this song came out. I remember having to use a proxy site at school to watch this on the computer.
I share this video because it reminds me of how my generation was presented with the idea of a woman dealing with heartbreak and sticking with her home girls.
You might think this is a bit too old. And maybe it is. I just miss the days when wearing tennis shoes that matched your shirt made you feel cute.
Jojo has definitely grown as an artist although she took a break from the spotlight for some time. It’s nice to know that she’s back, happy, and healthy.

5. Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry

I am really feeling this song! Not only does Demi look great, but the lyrics make you feel like you’re too good to be treated any less. I admit, I’m not that big a fan of the title, “bad bitch“, but I’m not knocking anyone who uses it to inflict confidence into others. Demi Lovato is the last person I would have imagined using the term, but she really put it to good use in this song. Demi’s vocals are on point in this video and the message is spot-on if you went through a breakup of some sorts. “Sorry Not Sorry” is for my ladies who need some encouragement to start feeling themselves.


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