WHY I CREATED the freewoman diaries

TFD is a blog.

I created this blog because I I wanted to share my writing in a creative way.

I caught onto the idea of blogging a few years ago, but it was writing that I’ve always wanted to pursue. And an aspect of writing is creating content that is both deep and reflective. Blogging allows me to both share my writing and connect with other women – and men – who can relate to what I am conveying.

When I initially started this blog, I was simply writing just to get my feet wet. But now I’ve had time to establish what I want to share about my life, which is guided by three major themes:



and Confidence.

I found myself contemplating whether or not I was really qualified to discuss these topics with the intention of connecting with and inspiring other women. But I realized that life is what makes me qualified. We all live it. And we all take lessons and meanings away from it that shape us into who we are. But those lessons and meanings we take away are different for each of us. Because we are all unique and no one life is the same as another.

I created The Freewoman Diaries because I wanted to connect with other women like me. The women who question the values instilled in them from a young age. The women who take chances and put themselves out there to get to where they are today. The women who have broken down and built themselves back up. The women who are continuously searching for themselves, finding themselves, and losing themselves. Just to do it all over again.

That’s what life is about. Learning and growing from our experiences. Time after time after time.

So far in my life, I’ve acquired a bundle of experiences from which I’ve taken away my lessons and meanings that are unique to me. All of them different, unique unto themselves, yet, similar in many ways. I’ve pondered these similarities and, as mentioned before, identified three major themes in my life.



and Confidence.

These are the themes that appear time after time for me. And these are the themes that, in their most general form, have shaped me. And continue to consistently show themselves, clearer and richer every time. That is strength, love, and confidence.

My core values, they are a part of who I am and what I aspire to – in their purest forms of course.

The Freewoman Diaries is part of this aspiration. My desire to be the best ME I can be. And in order to do that, I have to believe that I already am. This is the belief that I want to share with you and hear about from you. Through writing.

Although we are good enough, we can always be better. I strive to be better in health, fitness, my spiritual practice, and writing. These things may manifest differently for you than they do for me. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from each other’s experiences.

My hope is that we can learn from each other through The Freewoman Diaries.

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