Again Again Again

Sometimes I am too hard on myself

or I set unrealistic expectations –

it makes me stagnant.

When I think about how much skin, bone, and flesh I am,

it scares me.

Because I forget.

I get mental.

REAL lost.

Not knowing where to start.

When to act!

Creating this gaaaammme for myself….

where I search for answers –

that I already know.

They’re deep within where my soul rests.

At my center.

In my center.

Directly below my mind (my brain).

The control center. My strength.

My weakness.

My internal battleground.

My road block.

My burden.

My blessing.

My illness.

But I CAANNNN break free.

If I go back to my skin, flesh, and bone.

Back to my soul. Making my way to my center.

I find peace.

I find all that there is to find in life.