The Importance of Having a ‘Purpose’ in Life and Why I Believe It Makes All the Difference

I find that knowing the definition of a word allows for a better use of it in writing. So let’s Google ‘purpose‘ and see what we get:

1. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

We can pretty much sum the definition of ‘purpose’ into “the reason why”, no? The reason why we are living our lives the way we do and the reason why we do not live our lives another way when there are so many possibilities for how it could be done. Having a purpose in life is bigger than setting a goal and formulating your actions so that you obtain that goal in due time. To live with purpose is to live beyond one’s self under the assumption that you will be guided by that which you believe so deeply in, you have devoted your inner and outer self to it. This sounds pretty vague, right?

Well, what if told you that at one point I did not believe in having a purpose in life and that I found it quite absurd in a way? Ha! Absurd. If you have not read The Stranger by Albert Camus, you should consider doing so after you read this. It’s a quick read and here is a link to an online, pdf version: The Stranger. Anyways, what I’m saying is that there was a time during which I saw any type of formality in living to be redundant of the need to feel like I am doing something meaningful. Thus, I felt you could live your life without an established intention upon whatever it is you would decide to do; you could just ‘do’ without thinking about it beyond the action itself. So I got a tattoo! It was a very spontaneous gesture on a regular day when I was feeling empowered by the thought of doing something I said I would never do but had the power to choose to do. And it was great! To this day, I pat myself on the shoulder for not thinking twice about having a needle deep inside the skin of my wrist.

But then I began to feel lost. I experienced a state of depression for a few months where I always cried at the end of the day because I felt this hole in my heart that yearned to be filled. Yes, I know this sounds quite dramatic, but let me tell you that life without drama does not quite meet the standards for a worthwhile ending. Cynically, going through depression and making it out, I look back on those times with a bit of  sarcasm because I’m not obligated to be so serious about something that really brought me down. Regardless of my attitude towards this stage in my journey, two years ago I began discovering the empowerment in living with purpose. Which is why I’m writing this post now. It took me some time to hone in on my ability to fulfill such a purpose, but I’m doing it nonetheless.

You see, having a purpose in life opens doors for your mind. When we live our daily lives by a routine, a bottomless structure, we begin to dig ourselves into a whole that takes us years to dig ourselves out of – mentally. My purpose in life is to build myself strong so that I am prepared to help others in as many ways possible; right now I am using my passion for writing and my belief in the benefits a clean body to fuel this blog. I am not perfect and I do make mistakes. I don’t always eat the healthiest. I don’t always workout in the morning. I don’t always drink enough water. Hell, sometimes I go two days without showering. But along the way, these are the decisions still relate to my purpose in some shape or form. Instead of feeling like shit when I DON’T do something that should be a part of my routine, I remind myself of my purpose and gradually am guided back towards its direction. By having a purpose that is less narcissistic and more related to the welfare of the human race, I can see beyond my flaws and failures. I can use my depression, my dehydration, my lack of hygiene to push me further towards success in reaching my goals.

Even if NONE of this makes sense to you – I’m glad you read it. Maybe somewhere down the road, you’ll think of me and my 360 writing when you need it most.