3 Essentials for Healthy, Anti-Aging Skin

What is perfect skin when it does not exist?

Well….what if we equated the concept of perfect skin with “healthy“, “anti-aging” skin? By doing so, we would break free from an unrealistic, unattainable goal that leaves us feeling defeating or resorting to desperate measures. We would begin opening ourselves to a more practical goal, without limiting our perspective, our vision, to an externally, socially created lens.

So. Now that we have a new framework to read this post with, let’s begin:

Essential #1 Facial Toner

I picked this 1000 Roses Floral Toner up at Whole Foods. It’s by a brand called, Andalou, and they have a full skin care line for SENSITIVE skin along with other products for various skin types or skin goals. Since I have an obsession with Rose and it’s gentleness on sensitive skin along with it’s anti-aging benefits, I go for Rose anytime it’s available.

What I like about this toner:

  • in the spray form, this toner is very refreshing and the smell of the fruits is quite invigorating; it is recommended you use it in the morning and at night
  • it works! I’ve struggled with maintaining a clear complexion since the middle school days. I bought this toner about 3 months ago and by using it consistently every day, the results have been brighter!

From the website:

This aromatic rosewater mist with alpine rose stem cells instantly refreshes and revitalizes skin’s delicate pH balance as pomegranate, rich in tannins and polyphenols, uplifts tone and moisture-binding humectants, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, help revive for a flawless looking complexion.

Essential #2 Moisturizer

Shea Moisture is such a popular brand that I probably don’t even have to introduce you to them. Still, I will say that their skin care line is relatively new and even more, it’s amazing. I swear by this moisturizer, especially since it has Shea Butter, one of the most widely-known anti-aging ingredients out there. Here is the link to the product description on their website: Shea Moisture’s Anti-Aging Moisturizer. Unfortunately, it’s not for sale right now, but I’m sure you can find it at your local drugstore or Target.

What I like about this moisturizer:

  • it moisturizes without leaving your skin feeling greasy. Originally, I found that the product dried too fast once you put it in your hands, but I found that by using more and applying it to my face immediately after I spray my toner, it actually take a bit of work to rub into your skin completely.
  • it smells amazing, but not like a perfume.
  • it gives my skin a smoother, more hydrated appearance.

From the website:

This luxuriously thick cream with a rich formulation is made with certified organic Shea Butter – a natural moisturizer rich in Vitamin A that helps defend against fine lines and wrinkles, revitalizing dull skin. It is further infused with Frankincense and Myrhh extracts that help fight against inflammation and heal dry skin.

Essential #3 Sunscreen

I’ve always been into Face Lotions, but until recently, I’ve been taking my skin care up a notch by adding in sunscreen. I know…..”Black don’t crack”…but it does burn just like every other skin, regardless of how much melanin you got or how much it actually shows. Protecting our skin from the UV Rays on a sunny day or a cloudy day is pivotal in taking care of your skin for the long run. The sun can worsen any scars or dark spots you already have and by using at least an SPF 15 layer of protection, you are doing your face wonders.

I am really feeling this daily face lotion by Burt’s Bees right now. The RENEWAL FIRMING DAY LOTION not only protects your skin from the sun, but also works as an anti-aging skin agent.

What I like about this face lotion/sunscreen:

  • it’s effective – I’ve noticed that my skin appears more firm after using this product consistently for at least 3 weeks.
  • it smells like apple and hibiscus more than sunscreen

What I don’t like about this product:

  • like many sunscreens, it’s really white when you apply it to your face, so it takes a bit of time to work in. However, I mix this in my hands with the Shea Moisture moisturizer and sometimes even spray a little toner into my palm, which makes it a little easier.

What are your favorite skin care products?