What is Authenticity?

The other day I found myself writing in my journal, trying to answer this question. What is authenticity? Is it “pure”? Is it “natural”? Bare. Layer-free.

What is difficult about attempting to answer such a question is coming up with an answer that is unbiased – raw. Still, this difficulty should not limit one’s inspiration to seek an answer to an open for there is much to find in the thought of what it may be.

First I thought, there are two kinds of people – those who strive to be a part of the group and those who strive to be different. You can also say that there is more of continuum in which these two classifications serve as endpoints. Thus some people are mostly like everybody else and some people who are mostly different, meaning they carry traits, possess ideas, or commit to goals that make them their very own type of person. Hence, the phrase, “I’ve never met anyone like her.”

So I searched Google for the definition of “authentic” and this is what it gave me:

adjective: of undisputed origin; genuine

Then I searched the definition of “undisputed”:

not disputed or called into question; accepted


truly what something is said to be; authentic

As you see, all this searching brought me back to “authentic”, leading me to ask myself then, “What does ‘authentic’ mean to me?” And when do I feel authentic?

I could say “to be myself”, but that in itself is an understatement because I am many selves in a sense. All combined. I don’t know. I feel authentic when I eat food that nourish MY body. When I wear little to no makeup. I guess it is the process that matters. The process by which I define myself must be actionable-authentic. This means then that it is not just in my appearance, but in my actions.